Freemasonry is an initiatory society open to men and women of good will and high ethical standards. Its methods represent an access to perfectibility and to self-discovery through the use of universal symbols.

There have been women Freemasons from as early as the Eighteenth Century.


 In the latter half of the twentieth century, women's Freemasonry has grown with enormous vitality.  Its importance today is greater than ever before, because its principles address universal concerns as well as the individual's quest for self-knowledge..

Freemasonry is non dogmatic. It is not a political party, a sect or a social club. It values, above all, freedom of thought among women from all walks of life. It is universal in that it explores the language of universal symbols to guide one toward inner development. We, Freemasons, come from all ethnic groups and profess diverse religious beliefs or political opinions. We are united in the fact that we are all "seekers" and our discussions take place in an atmosphere of understanding and goodwill. Within the Lodge, we learn to exercise responsibility and search for truth. All opinions are freely heard, all nuances of thought are respected. We learn to think on our own, to search within ourselves, to express ourselves in a non-judgmental environment.

The building crafts occupy a privileged place in Masonic symbolism because Freemasons consider themselves the spiritual heirs to the operative masons, e.g. the cathedral builders. Today's Freemasons' cathedral is this inner Temple which each of us must build to contribute to a more enlightened world. The Lodge work cannot proceed in isolation. It aims to create a better future, as we develop in ourselves and in future generations a thoughtful mind, a sense of responsibility and teamwork as well as respect for others. While seeking inner peace, we hope to work towards this universal peace where the ideals of liberty and equality are fully realized.




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