"Freemasonry is an initiatory society dedicated to the study of universal problems. Through its symbolism and its philosophic approach, it teaches Freemasons their true relationship to Nature and to Humankind. It is an Alliance based on solidarity between all human beings."


 Freemasonry opens its doors to all people of good will who wish to take part in the moral and intellectual improvement of humanity.


Freemasonry does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion or belief, opinion, wealth or social standing. It demands only that its members be sincere in their search for truth and devoted to the well being of their fellow men and women.  It is a school for wisdom, love and harmony.



 Freemasons’ motto is : Liberty . Equality . Fraternity



The duties of a Freemason are: to think and speak well; to do good; to pursue truth; to learn in the Lodges the practice of liberty, equality, fraternity and apply it in daily life; to assist in mankind’s progress by studying the great moral and social problems; and to propagate fundamental Masonic ideals.

Freemasonry’s moral principles are common to all people and applicable in all situations. No limits are imposed on the search for truth. Freemasonry guarantees complete freedom of thought, refuses dogma and does not require its members to practice any specific religion or faith.


Freemasonry is not affiliated with any sect, nor does it side with any particular school of thought. Freemasons are tolerant in all matters philosophical, religious, social and political, in order to offer a haven where harmony and love can reign.


In all circumstances, Masons are duty bound to help, assist and protect one another and to fight injustice. A Mason must always remember that each human being is a brother or a sister.


 Freemasonry requires all its members to obey the rules of their Lodges and the laws of the country in which they are free to gather.


Freemasons consider work as a human imperative.




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